KROWN News Bounty Program for NFT Rewards

New Bounty Program

For the next 6 months, starting 7/31/20 the KROWN Community offers an innovative bounty program for reoccurring community activities and contributions. Please review and see if you are interested in participating in any of these activities.


1) You will need to have successfully completed the KROWN DAC identity registration.
2) You will need a WAX cloud wallet to receive your reoccurring payments though holding NFTs.

***Earn as you continue to contribute to your tasks up to 6 months (185 Days) from 8/7/20–2/7/21. Stop tasks at any time, if you stop participating in your role, or there is a dispute relating to your identity, you will not receive your daily KROWN distribution.***

Apply and hold more than one position. Custodians will look at your community involvement and determine your eligibility to participate. If you are selected for this role, you will receive a NFT by 8/7/20 that will pay out daily.

Sell or transfer your NFT, however if you stop your work — you will lose your distribution. This will be up to the discretion of the Payments Manager, until a suitable Worker Proposal system is available. Working with other KROWN Community members is essential. You will need to support and help other KROWN Community Members to be successful. You will need to creative and come up with your own process to complete your duties.

1) Register Identity by 7/31/20
2) Easily apply for Position by 7/31/20 — In the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group, announce which position your would like to hold and why you are a suitable candidate.
3) Wait up to one week for confirmation- First distribution you can collect is 8/7/20
4) You will be contacted by a KROWN Custodian to help set up your role and program.
5) Make a Telegram channel for your program, announce in KROWN Community channel.
6) Post any new content in KROWN Community Telegram
7) Optional, in Telegram add “your name | KROWN” to your username
8) Claim your weekly payments for your Badge’s NFT through

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