Defibox — EOS One-stop DeFi Application Platform

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Defibox (launched on July 21, 2020) is EOS one-stop DeFi (Decentralized Finance) application platform. The Defibox Foundation initiated and maintains stewardship of Defibox.


Defibox is a professional one-stop DeFi application platform. It is initiated by the Defibox Foundation, and funded and supported by Newdex. Defibox application is built on the EOS blockchain.

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Defibox — Improve the Efficiency of Global Value Circulation
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Defibox is committed to becoming the DeFi application platform widely used by EOS users.

Defibox Foundation

Defibox Foundation started and manages the Defibox project, as the project initiator, they are responsible for project priorities, strategic planning, resource management, and employs an executive team to ensure the continuous development and growth of the project.

In the future, Defibox Foundation will organize BOX DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance community, which is composed mainly of Defibox token holders, through governance voting or proposals to jointly manage the project’s operation and growth. BOX DAO aims to achieve more autonomous decentralization.

The ultimate goal of BOX DAO is to dissolve the Foundation and achieve more completely decentralized autonomy.

Defibox Executive Team

The Defibox executive team is responsible for the Foundation and governance community. This team includes developers and operators of the Defibox project. They are hired by the Foundation to complete set goals given by the Foundation and report to the governance community.

Defibox Protocols

Defibox has currently launched two protocols; Swap, and USN Stable coin which was previously Danchor project.

“Currently, Defibox has launched two protocols, namely Swap and USN stable coin (formerly Danchor project). We will launch more protocols in the future such as decentralized lending, synthetic assets, etc.”

  • Swap: This is a fully decentralized token swap protocol and Automatic Market-Making (AMM) protocol. Swap provides real-time swap prices through the constant product algorithm, and users can complete token swap instantly. It users can create swap market, or join the market already established to become market makers and provide market liquidity. Fees are earned by the market maker based on the liquidity ratio charged by transaction consumers.
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Defibox Swap
  • USN Stable Coin: This is the original idea of Danchor, a decentralized EOS based project (launched on January 17, 2020). The Danchor project will fuse as a sub-project into Defibox. The USN stable coin is created by staking EOS, which can satisfy various financial needs such as leveraged trading and gaining floating capital. The system adopts the over-staking and liquidation risk-control mechanism to avoid market volatility and provide value support for each USN with appropriate staking items.
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Danchor is a decentralized staking stable coin project based on EOS, which supports users to stake EOS to generate stable coin USN (The goal is to peg the US dollar 1:1).

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The Defibox smart contracts have passed the security audit, but there may still be risks. It is recommended that you invest appropriate market-making funds according to your own risk tolerance.

Learn more by visiting Defibox applications and channels:

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